Unleash the Kraken!...

... Well there's a dramatic title for you! 

It's been a rather productive day over here at Central Command.  I've started trying out GitKraken for all of my version controlling needs.  SourceTree was starting to get on my nerves and GitKraken was recommended to me.  It looks quite nice and is hopefully a little more friendly that SourceTree.  Let's see how it goes...

On to more exciting news.  My RPG has taken another baby-step forward.  Literally. 
Today I primarily focused on tightening up the movement controls.  They're still not perfect, but are definitely getting better. 

I also threw in some Gizmos to help me see what the character is doing when I tell him to get his arse in gear or defend his honour.  

The health bars are all just temporary placeholders and don't do anything yet.  I'm not sure they ever will, but since my guy will be learning to swing a sword next I figured I might want to see what happens when the enemies start fighting back.

Run Forest, Run!

Run Forest, Run!

Next up will be basic combat training, before teaching everyone to solve their problems with words.  I'm thinking that combat will take a fairly minor role in the game so don't expect anything too impressive in the next installment!