The difference a week makes!

I mentioned last week that I'd decided to learn how to draw.  Turns out, you just put pen to paper (or stylus to tablet in my case) and it just sort of happens.   One thing I will say though it that it takes HOURS!  I definitely have a renewed appreciation for the dedication that artists have towards their craft.  There is so much to learn but practice really does make perfect. 

So Here's a few small pieces that I threw together in my free time over the last few days.  These would probably take a pro a few hours but these literally took me days...


Day 1:

I took my wooden crate from before and gave it a hand painted look.  The shading is pretty terrible and the wood-grain overpowers the piece (so I've been told by an actual artist).

Wooden Crate Painted.png

Day 2:

I took what I learned from my crate and paid a lot more attention to the blending and shading.  I'm pretty happy with how this turned out for my second drawing. The cork is a bit too big for the bottle, but it was the last thing to be drawn/coloured and I was getting pretty tired.  

Potion Bottle Evolution.png

Day 3:

This was a fairly quick piece in the grand scheme of things.  It was good to try doing wood-grain using a slightly different technique.  Knowing the techniques to throw this together quickly will definitely make my UI work look better. 

Wooden Sign.png

Day 4:

I'm pretty pleased with this one too.  I think the proportions turned out quite nice and it feels like a sword that has actually been used.   


So, that's all for now.  This probably won't turn into a long term hobby but is definitely a good skill to have and will certainly make some of my prototypes look better going forward.