A quick Update

I know that I'm notoriously bad at updating this blog and it is something at which I would like to get better. I'm mainly posting here now because my site hasn't really been updated since 'Oh No, My Patio!' was released back in June. 

I'm currently working on a project in collaboration with New Breed Games, which should be released later this year. "FlickBack" is a reaction based game designed for mobile and will see a dual-release on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

The best place to keep up to date with the project is on the New Breed Games Facebook page here.

And to wet the appetite, here are a few in-development screenshots. 
Note: The game is far from complete, so none of these shot are that exciting. 


As a side note, I are also planning to release the icons used for this game on the asset store later this year.  More details will be provided on this plan closer to the time. 

In other news, I've also been practicing my 3D lighting skills recently.  Check out the new 'Art' section of my site to see what I've been up to.