Retro Rocket Run

Project Code: Available upon request.

Retro Rocket Run is an arcade style infinite runner where you must make the decision on whether to collect or avoid the coins. 

Collecting coins will help improve your high score but will also trigger negative effects that will lead to your demise. 

How long will you last and can you make it to the top of the global leaderboard?

The game officially released on the Google Play store on 2nd March 2018.


I was the sole developer on this title, handling everything from gameplay programming, UI design, graphics, and 3D Modelling.
(The ships were created using parts from the Star Sparrow Modular Spaceship asset from Ebal Studios).

The game utilises randomly generated tracks to create a different level every time you play.
All coins and level chunks are handled using object pooling for efficiency.
Level data is stored as a csv, which is read into the game using a 3rd party script (here).

There are 5 ships available, in 8 color combinations, with 6 different trails - leading to 240 potential combinations for player to experiment with.

The game also offers 33 achievements and 5 leaderboards for players to compete in, which are handled using the Google Play Games Services. 

Rare coins are used to unlock new ships, colors, and trails, which are obtained directly within each level.  They can also be obtained via the conversion of standard coins, as well as being awarded to players who watch rewarded ads within the game (served by AdMob).