Stat Tracker - Betrayal at House on the Hill

Project Code: Available upon request.
Download apk (Android only): here.


A simple stat tracker for the board game "Betrayal at House on the Hill".  Just pick your starting character and you're away!


If you've ever played this board game, you'll know that the stat tracking boards in the game aren't great.  The clips constantly shift and the whole thing is a bit of a nightmare.  
So, I decided that I could probably code a solution quicker than it would take to re-mould all of the clips and get them working properly. 

Since everyone in my gaming group tends to have their phones with them this companion app also allows us to save a bit of table space, which can be very handy with this game!

The whole app was developed in just a few hours, so it's not the prettiest but it gets the job done.

stat 2.PNG
stat 3.PNG